Canada ranks poorly on environmental initiatives

If today’s election yields undesirable results (fingers crossed that the greener candidate wins!), some folks are threatening to pack their bags and flee the country. We can’t say we blame them, given some of the scary candidates involved in this epic presidential election, not to mention all the heartache greenies endured for the past eight years. But if you’re seeking refuge in a foreign country, we must warn you: Canada’s not much better than the US when it comes to environmental regulations.

The Conference Board of Canada released a report this Monday comparing the country’s performance on combating climate change to 17 other industrialized nations. Results were abysmal—Canada ranked 15th on the list, beating only Australia and the US. (Yes, shockingly the US ranked lowest. But hopefully today’s election results will kick off a wave of change for America’s environment.)

From Reuters:

Greenhouse gas emissions, high garbage production, and rampant overuse of fresh water were its [Canada’s] biggest problems.


“Without serious attention to environmental sustainability, Canada puts its society and its quality of life at risk,” the independent research organization said in the report.


Canada’s government has been widely criticized for being soft on greenhouse gas emissions, which have been on the rise, partly due to booming development of the Alberta oil sands.

The report went on to note that Canada’s water consumption is second only to the US, while its per capita garbage production is the highest of the 17 nations included in the report.

What’s that all aboot, eh, Canada?

If you do find yourself in a situation where fleeing the country is imperative, Sweden, Finland, and Norway scored highest on the list. Just bring a jacket because it’s cold there—if the rest of the industrialized world’s carbon emissions haven’t heated things up too much, that is.


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