Electric DeLorean for sale on eBay

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” And if you buy this car listed on eBay, you won’t need gasoline, either.

A recent eBay ad lists a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 for sale. (If this means nothing to you, it’s the vehicle that transports Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy. And if this still means nothing to you, perhaps you should stop reading blogs and get thyself to a Blockbuster). As if a DeLorean isn’t cool enough on its own, the owner of this particular vehicle converted it to run on electric power. Green and awesomely retro!

From a post on Autobloggreen:

The one-off conversion was done by the seller and a friend and uses a WarP9 electric motor that gets juice from thirteen 12 volt 100 amp-hour deep cycle Deka 9A31 Intimidator AGM batteries (they take up the trunk and underhood spaces). These can power the car for a 40-mile range and recharge in eight hours from a standard wall plug or 2-3 hours from a 220-volt outlet. The seller has put a series of videos about the car up on YouTube, including “Shifting gears in a clutchless Electric DeLorean”…Drawbacks to the home conversion are that the heater and A/C have been disconnected.

The seller is asking $100K for the ride, but so far the highest bid is a mere $15,600. If the lucky buyer uses the "Buy it Now" feature, the seller will throw in a "custom built 'Flux Capacitor.'" The ad also boasts that the car is “quicker than a stock DeLorean,” capable of reaching 88 mph.

We’re by no means as car savvy as Doc Brown, but somehow I think that is just not quick enough to get you back to the future. Still, if you want to be the heartthrob of every ‘80s-movie-loving-greenie in town, this ride’s sure to score you some serious dates.