Obama and McCain have a drinking problem

That’s right, you heard us. The two of them have been chug-a-lugging away—publicly, onstage, and in front of millions of viewers. What’s their poison, you ask? Bottled water.

OK, so maybe it was unfair of us to get you all hot for some political gossip (especially for some gossip that isn’t about Sarah Palin), but that’s the strategy a new ad campaign is taking to raise awareness about the problems with drinking bottled water. The Tappening Project, a campaign that promotes the benefits of drinking tap water (and the benefits of ditching the bottle), announced a new ad campaign that targets the presidential candidates.

From a press release put out by The Tappening:

While the ads focus on a select few messages about the impact on our environment, they are intended to engage the candidates. The ads are not intended to make a political statement or support either one of the candidates, although—depending on which ad runs at a given time and place—they certainly may be viewed that way. The first ad says, “McCain Has A Drinking Problem. Bottled Water” and notes that bottled water generates 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. Another ad says the same thing about Senator Obama. A third ad of the first series to be placed reads “Bottled Water is a Major Environmental Issue. Why Isn’t it one of theirs?” There are stilettos that appear to look like both Senator Obama and Senator McCain in the ad. The ad notes at the bottom that “Manufacturing bottled water in America uses 17 million barrels of crude oil every year. Get off the bottle. Advocate tap.”

Bottled water’s been gaining a bad rep amongst environmentalists for awhile now, and it looks like the issue is finally gaining some ground in the political realm as well. Last week, the Senate held a hearing about environmental issues associated with bottled water, and also examined whether bottled water was actually any higher quality than tap water.

The Tappening site also sells reusable water bottles, including those made from stainless steel and BPA-free materials, perfect for carting around some cool, refreshing tap water. Perhaps Obama and McCain will take a hint from the campaign, and learn to BYOB (we mean bottles, of course, not booze).


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