Miley Cyrus: The new face of the environmental movement? Oh no.

We usually reserve our scorn for un-eco politicians and the most polluting companies, but Miley Cyrus made the cut today. We’re all for raising environmental awareness, but we found “Wake Up America,” the green-themed song on Cyrus’ new album, Breakout, annoying rather than inspiring. And we’re not the only ones. In his review of the album, New York Times critic Ben Ratliff calls the ditty “a ditzy cry for the environment…complete with cheerleader chorus.”

Here’s a little taste:

You know that you got to Wake up America
Tomorrow becomes a new day and everything you do
Matters yeah everything you do matters in some way

I know that you don’t want to hear it
Especially coming from someone so young
But in the back seat yeah they want to hear it (they want to hear it)

What exactly those preteens in the backseat want to hear isn’t clear, but what we wanted to hear were a few green tips. Unplug your cell phone charger. Recycle. Take the bus to school instead of driving. But apparently Cyrus is in no position to offer such advice:

Everything I read, global warming, going green

I don’t know what all this means…

That may be, but for someone so young, she sure does seem to have a good grasp of greenwashing.



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