Climate change bill begins

Probably you’ve heard, but today the Senate began to debate the national climate change bill we’ve been carrying on about these last six months. It’s exciting news, but more because the folly has just begun than any expectation that real change is around the corner.

Think of this as a warm up. Similar to when musicians tune their instruments before performing, we can expect all sorts of discordant sounds and predictable scales to emanate from Senate chambers this week. Bush, for example, has already belted out that he’ll veto the current bill if it crosses his desk, and opposing senators are chortling about the bill raising consumer electricity prices at a time when oil has reached $135 a barrel. But one republican senator from Tennessee is playing an unusual tune, according to the New York Times.

“Mr. Corker is proposing a string of amendments that Democrats say are “poison pills” meant to undermine the purpose of the legislation. His amendments would return more of the receipts from the carbon permits directly to taxpayers, eliminate the issuance of free permits and do away with the ability of American companies to meet their emissions targets by buying offsets overseas.”
Interestingly, most environmentalists would support some if not all three of these points; however, they constitute a deal-breaker for most senators, and will likely stop the bill in its tracks.

If you’re keen to tune into the debates, C-span is broadcasting them live online.

In truth, even the bill’s supporters don’t expect the legislation to pass. The important point is to start the process in the hopes that sometime, preferably sooner than later, Congress will make beautiful music together.


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This bill, and a similar bill in the House, submitted in the House by Rep. Markey MA-D is of such impenetrable stupidity that is almost incomprehensible.

Not only have we not seen any warming since 1998, when confronted with this fact, the Environmentalists say Global Warming is really Global Climate Change, and man is responsible for that too. This is a little like saying that the wind blows in two directions simultaneously and it's man's fault. In Europe the model for this legislation (the Kyoto Protocols) has been an economic catastrophe. The amount of CO2 produced has increased, and the R&D funding which might have helped has been syphoned off into the pockets of the carbon traders and the politicians.

There is no credible evidence that man is causing warming, there is no warming anyway (the Politicians are lying), their solution will not work, it will cost trillions of dollars, it will cause the starvation of millions and prevent the developing world from ever modernizing, and it is the world's largest increase in taxation, ever.

So, we must have a death wish to elect Politicians with so little brain power and such cruel instincts.

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