Name your own frog species

Interested in passing along your family name, but just not ready for children? Normally we’d suggest you buy a houseplant and name it Smith (one that has babies, like an aloe, so you can have little Smiths all over the house), but today we came across a naming auction on the Amphibian Ark website. The conservation group is auctioning naming rights for five undescribed frog species over the next five months. All of the profits will go to conservation work in the frog’s range country; an important contribution, given that half of the roughly 6,000 described amphibian species are threatened with extinction because of disease, habitat destruction, and other factors.

The first frog up is the Osornophryne frog from Ecuador. According to the auction site:

The Osornophryne species is unlike most frog species in that it has no tadpoles. Its eggs are laid on land and hatch directly into froglets. Members of this family also have no teeth.

With your help, the new name of this entire species of frogs will become _____'s frog. The Amphibian Ark staff will work with the winning bidder and the taxonomists authoring the formal paper to ensure that the bidder's wishes are formulated into a scientifically appropriate format.

Here are the possibilities these bloggers have come up with by merging our names: Alopviscsapars and Torpo. Neither really rolls of the tongue. They just don’t have that ‘JLo’ or ‘Brangelina’ ring to them. This is the same reason we never started that band. Well, we couldn’t come up with a name, and we quit the French horn in sixth grade.

We’re hoping Amphibian Ark has much more success attaining its goal. The current high bid is $5,500; with five days left to go in the Osornophryne auction, bidders will have to put up a lot more moola in order for the group to reach its goal of $200,000. Hop to it!