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January, 2008

EDITORS: car emissions are moving overseas
Presidential candidates care about the climate
Urban Sustainability in China
EDITORS: Deciphering the lingo of cap-and-trade
EDITORS: US wind power - blown away by the competition
Bush’s plan for tackling climate change: same as it ever was
EDITORS: Measuring the state of green business
Blinding writers with science

February, 2008

The future of fashion...is here
The greening of Super Bowl XLII
The future of carbon capture
Lightening the load during Lent
Are all biofuels bad?
If you had to choose between solar panels and trees…
Putting your money where your carbon is
Don’t forget to jot down ‘carbon credits’ on your shopping list
Ice: The New Frontier

March, 2008

Crochet to save the Great Barrier Reef
Food for thought
Where to find that special (green) someone
Does Daylight Savings save energy?
Beyond greenwashing
The climate refugees are coming
Senators do not go gently...
Italy cuts the cheese: mozzarella has elevated levels of carcinogen
Extreme fishiness

April, 2008

Gore launches global warming campaign
Not cool
Sealed with love: a humane way to kill
We won’t be able to close the energy gap, solar expert says
We’ll have the lobster, hold the larvicide
Farm time
Climate killings
Ode to the earthworm: appreciate them before they’re gone
Pump, pump it up
Sundance Channel Eco Biz show features amazing green mag
Biofuels under fire

May, 2008

Federal legislators hear all about e-waste challenge
Rising US food prices
Water footprint calculator
Cyclone Nargis and climate change
McCain talks climate change
Photovoltaic-Powered Bra
Name your own frog species
Carbon offset smack down

June, 2008

Climate change bill begins
Use oil and gas for plastics, not electricity
Airlines get behind algae fuel
New York City goes car free
Exxon Mobil’s puny punitive damages
Ice, Ice Fading

July, 2008

BLM puts big solar on hold
World leaders discuss climate change
G8 climate change talks result in steps... of debatable size
Singing the energy blues
Improving your fuel efficiency
Miley Cyrus: The new face of the environmental movement? Oh no.
First hydrogen fuel cell for the home
A bold statement on climate change, finally.
The big drop in driving
A new kind of PCB?

August, 2008

Green fatigue
Extract from mollusk could warn Olympic athletes of overtraining or incipient illness
Paris Hilton for President
Testing a Mercedes-Benz hydrogen fuel cell powered car
Katherine Heigl busted for littering
Greening the DNC, Monday August 25
The DNC on two wheels
T. Boone Pickens at the DNC
Greening the DNC

September, 2008

Live from Fashion Week
Innovative environmental achievers
Aveda goes bottled-water free at Fashion Week
Edun's Spring Collection
GM reveals the electric Chevy Volt
Obama and McCain have a drinking problem
It’s easy being green—except in New Jersey
No Child Left Inside Act passes in the House
Why nuclear power is no silver bullet
Move over, left coast. Why Chi town rivals the west when it comes to going green
Palin’s polar bear fib
Solar panel stealers pillage the West Coast
Capturing wasted energy could cut CO2 by 20%
Bug spray could be harming more than just bugs
Ecuador gives nature legal rights
New regulation requires supermarkets to label where food comes from

October, 2008

Senator Barbara Boxer slams the Bush Administration’s environmental policies
Google unveils clean energy plan
Electric DeLorean for sale on eBay
Sarah Palin's got a hunting bow
Increased noise pollution could harm polar bears
New business lets customers break objects to relieve stress
Climate change could make 12 diseases worse
Aussie sheep don gas masks to curb emissions
The problem with perchlorate
Bailout package offers incentives for going green
Obama and McCain support science
Arctic flunks global warming test
The Acropolis gets a makeover
eBay bans sale of ivory
Monterey Bay Aquarium releases sustainable sushi guide
California gains green by going green
Study estimates China’s emissions could double in the next 20 years
Companies disclose financial risks of climate change
China wants to stop climate change. With rich countries' money.
Bush weakening enviro regulations to the very end

November, 2008

Hawaii announces plans to go green
Canada ranks poorly on environmental initiatives
Scientists clone frozen mice
Democrats battle for control of the House Energy Committee
Obama administration will act quickly to reverse Bush’s 11th-hour rulings
Maldives citizens may relocate if sea levels rise
New York announces plan to curb tailpipe pollution
Japan’s emissions reach record high
Deal reached to take down Klamath River dams
EPA rejects coal plant permit
Bush administration lays groundwork for oil shale drilling on public lands
New rules set stricter standards for organic milk
Businesses push new administration towards green initiatives
Bush weakens Endangered Species Act
Obama’s new stimulus package creates jobs through green investments
Bush is at it again
Climate change skeptics continue to muddy global warming debate

December, 2008

Climate change negotiations begin in Poznan, Poland
EPA regulates air pollution from medical waste incinerators
Bush allows coal companies to dump waste in waterways
Obama’s green stimulus package takes shape
An update on UN climate negotiations in Poznan
Obama’s uphill battle in improving the EPA
Scientists say EPA must do more to protect human health
Obama set to announce his environmental dream team
Editorial: EPA's fugitive list targets the wrong criminals
Gore calls for tougher carbon emission laws while EU reaches climate deal
Why does Dirk Kempthorne hate polar bears?
Greenland, Antarctica, and Alaska melt at accelerating pace
Bush administration allowed corporations to pollute waterways
Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture draws both half-hearted praise and criticism from environmentalists
US battery makers form alliance to promote production of greener vehicles
EPA fails to disclose health risks to the public
Putin says cheap natural gas is coming to an end

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