Replace Kyoto by 2010 says Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize today alongside International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chairman Rajendra Pachauri during ceremonies in Oslo Norway.

Both men delivered speeches full of dire warnings and ardent hope for our future choices around climate change.  Pachauri spoke first declaring, “The world's attention is riveted on that meeting [in Bali] and hopes are alive that unlike the sterile outcome of previous sessions in recent years, this one will provide some positive results.”

It was a nice lead-in to the most notable statement of the day. Near the end of his acceptance speech, Gore challenged to the UNFCCC to add a little grit to the current session:  

“This week, I will urge the delegates in Bali to adopt a bold mandate for a treaty that establishes a universal global cap on emissions and uses the market in emissions trading to efficiently allocate resources to the most effective opportunities for speedy reductions.

This treaty should be ratified and brought into effect everywhere in the world by the beginning of 2010 - two years sooner than presently contemplated. The pace of our response must be accelerated to match the accelerating pace of the crisis itself.

Heads of state should meet early next year to review what was accomplished in Bali and take personal responsibility for addressing this crisis. It is not unreasonable to ask, given the gravity of our circumstances, that these heads of state meet every three months until the treaty is completed.”

Gore will travel to Bali on December 12 and repeat his appeal to conference attendees to turn up the heat on climate legislation before we’re cooked. This could be the call to action to watch in 2008.