Formula One's New Strategy

We’re pretty sure that few sports are as environmentally damaging as racecar driving. But Formula One organizers are trying to change their image, which may be a harder feat than racing around a track at a gazillion miles per hour.


According to an article on

The world's top motor sport competition is for many the epitome of gas-guzzling wastefulness with powerful engines burning nearly a litre of fossil fuel per kilometre while a vast entourage of people and machines jets to races round the world.

In order to reduce the sport’s environmental impact, team bosses are proposing changes like installing smaller engines, using biofuels, and conserving fuel.

Six hundred million people watch Formula One so the changes could motivate viewers to think about how their own cars affect climate change, some say.

Others argue that there are already environmental benefits to the races:

Norbert Haug, head of motorsport at Mercedes, which provides the engines for McLaren, defended the sport and said that the millions of people watching Formula One races on television are thus not using their cars while the race is under way.

Somehow we think that the race organizers are envisioning something more…dramatic.


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