Timeline Phobia

It seems that every time we turn around we hear another politician refusing to establish a timeline. President Bush says he will not create a timeline for withdrawing troops from Iraq, and now EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson is avoiding the dreaded “t” word.

Now that the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA does have jurisdiction over carbon dioxide emissions from cars, Congress is eager to know when it will set standards. While facing the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee yesterday, Johnson shied away from committing to any deadlines.

According to Boston.com:

During more than an hour of testimony in the packed hearing room, Johnson repeatedly said the issues were complex and he needed time to make thoughtful decisions. ``We will move expeditiously, but we are going to be moving responsibly,'' Johnson said.

Right now, the EPA isn’t obligated to regulate greenhouse gases, but according to the court decision, Johnson is tasked with determining if the gases are harmful to human health. If he finds that they are (which, if you consider rising seas and stronger storms to be harmful, he should), the agency will have to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from tailpipes under the Clean Air Act.

We agree with many of the politicians on the committee and think that Johnson should move quickly. Congress should also hop to it since they are the legislative body. Heck, even California thinks someone should act. Alright, alright. That's not really a surprise. 


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