Sundancing in the Moonlight

That natural hunk who told us that a river runs through it before whispering to horses is taking on yet another project: the Green. Starting on April 17th, every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT, Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel will feature a block of shows on environmental topics.

Hosted by Simran Sethi, an award-winning journalist, and Majora Carter, an environmental justice activist, the Green will include green lifestyle shows, documentaries, and profiles of people and businesses doing green things like converting cow dung to energy.

According to the website:

Each week, THE GREEN leads off with the original series BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET, which introduces forward-thinking designers, eco-friendly products and fresh ideas that are redefining our everyday lives. This is followed by an in-depth documentary expanding upon some of the themes introduced in BIG IDEAS. THE GREEN'S entertaining mix of stimulating information and practical advice presents a lively approach to many of the biggest environmental issues facing us today.

We think that creating a night of eco-programming is a wonderful idea that a lot of viewers could benefit from (even us, who think we know a lot about being green). Funny how the description doesn’t mention the BIG CABLE BILLS that one must pay for the Sundance Channel. (And yes, we are fishing for an invitation to your place, all ye fancy cable equipped readers.)