Pyramid Problems

Some things, like Twinkies and the pyramids of Egypt, seem to last forever. Wait, we take that last one back. According to an article in the Toronto Star, the three famous pyramids of Giza, which were constructed thousands of years ago, are now threatened by pollution, sewage, and tourists:

Doused with airborne pollution, rattled by the weight of encroaching traffic, tainted by underground sewage, and encrusted with the accumulated salt of thousands of perspiring tourists, the wonders of Egypt's past are mired in a struggle that threatens their very existence.

These tombs of kings have withstood the test of time so far, but in recent years, human activity (and the feces of horses and camels the tourists ride) has been wearing them down. Part of the problem is that the pyramids used to be buried in sand, but now that they’re uncovered, they are susceptible to the toxins in the surrounding environment.

Which leaves us with Twinkies, which, despite their delicious taste and cheerful yellow hue, are poor substitutes for a Wonder of the Ancient World.