Someday Your Green Cleaning Product Will Come

Everyone loves a dark-side-of-Disney story. If you don’t believe us, try casually bringing up the subject of hidden messages in Disney movies with your friends, sit back, and listen to the urban legends fly. If you’re lucky, that conversation will segue into Disneyworld horror stories, a la “Mickey hugged me when I was four—and it was terrifying!” and “Those people inside the character costumes are never allowed to take off their costumes in public, even if they’re about to throw up!”

That will be the perfect moment for you to mention the latest dark Disney news. In summary: Today, the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) and the Florida Alliance for Healthy Indoor Environments (FAHIE) kicked off their Green Disney Challenge. Over the next few months, CHEJ, FAHIE, and other environmental groups will try to convince Disney to switch to non-toxic cleaning supplies.  

With catchphrases like, “Who Put Goofy in Charge of Purchasing?” the campaign is pretty clever. We’re particularly fond of the Seven Dwarves’ testimony page. Each of those adorable little men, it turns out, has something enlightening to say about green cleaning products. Doc, for example, says:

I'm Doc and I just learned that many of the products that Walt Disney World uses to clean its parks, hotels and restaurants contain unnecessary toxic ingredients that pose health risks to children, pregnant women and workers.

And Sleepy says:

I’m Sleepy because I’ve been breathing fumes from this cleaning solution that contains central nervous system poisons.

Brilliant. Our only criticism is that the campaign site doesn’t take it far enough (“I’m The Little Mermaid, and because of toxic runoff in local waterways, my whole family and I grew tails!” etc.) The possibilities really do abound.


Having gone to Disney through the years, its time has come to make the switch. Our kids ARE as important as the animals in Animal Kingdom that have green cleaning. And with having "Grumpy" children with asthma, maybe I won't have to pack all the medicines to control "Sneezy" and "Sleepy" after being exposed to the toxic fumes that linger in the air for hours after being used.

lol. I don't trust disney for more reason than I can state but not because some costume character huged me. More because sexual inuendo abounds in the speech and since Disney promotes alternative life-stles anyway being suspicous has become a way of life for several more obvious reasons.