Non-profits and Ranchers Unite

Windswept cowboys (or girls) tending to their cattle in the rugged western landscape certainly sounds romantic, but these days an increasing number of traditional ranchers are retiring and selling their land to the highest bidder. Some embattled ranchers have found help from unlikely allies: conservation organizations. The Nature Conservancy is one organization that is helping people like Heidi Redd continue to work her land.

The Nature Conservancy bought Redd’s ranch from her ten years ago. While the organization studied the land, they also allowed her to graze her cattle. What they found helped her improve her ranching practices.

According to an article on National

Over the last decade, Redd has made changes to her grazing pattern based on the scientists' suggestion. In addition, she has reduced her herd size to 550 cattle, down from its peak of 2,000 in the 1960s.

With the help of the Nature Conservancy, Redd keeps her livelihood and gets ranching pointers.

We think that preserving ranchland is an admirable endeavor. And although you might think that a partnership between ranchers and conservation organizations is strange, it shows that when two seemingly opposed groups compromise for conservation, everyone wins. We wonder what unlikely bedfellows will be next. A partnership between bush meat smugglers and PETA?