Lobster Liberators

Monday, at a lobster “pound” in Maine where lobsters are taken before they’re sold to supermarkets, a group of 10 animal rights activists, who refuse to be identified, bought 300 crustaceans, planning to release them back into the ocean.

According to an article on Boston.com:

The episode unfolded in the midst of a lobster shortage and record prices when a group of young people arrived at New Meadows Lobster Pound declaring that lobsters are "God's creatures" and deserved a shot at freedom, said owner Pete McAleney.

The group bought the lobsters from the pound for $3,400, along with lobsters from another lobster dealer, Harbor Fish Market.

The group chose to buy only lobsters that have one claw (they usually have two), but they could survive in the wild, says Bob Bayer, executive director of the Lobster Institute, in the article. Although it takes some time, the second claw will grow back.

But a few folks have pointed out that those liberated lobsters are likely to walk right back into traps.

From an article in the Portland Press Herald:

"We told [the group of activists that the lobsters are] going to get caught again and they said, 'That's OK. We just want them to have a chance before they get caught again,'" McAleney said. "I don't know if they go around and free chickens and cows or what."

Now don’t get us wrong, we love lobsters too. But would we shell out $3,400 for them? Not unless they came with lots and lots of butter for dipping (JUST KIDDING).


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