Like Sands Through the Hourglass…

Remember voting on the ‘most likelies’ your senior year of high school? You know, most likely to succeed, most likely to start a rock band, most likely to be left—or leave someone else—at the altar. Ok, the last one probably isn’t really a category anyone would put forth. But if it were, we would totally vote for Sami Brady. The woman has done her fair share of jilting, and being jilted.

But we think her luck is about to change. She is, after all, planning a green wedding. And even the machinations of evil Stefano DiMera aren’t likely to derail this eco-celebration.

Just in case anyone’s feeling a bit confused, Sami isn’t our sister or cousin. She’s a character on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. When she and Lucas Roberts tie the knot, their celebration will be the first green wedding in daytime TV history, according to the folks at NBC. (You may remember that in one of her 10 failed marriage attempts a couple of years ago, Lucas and Sami were supposed to get hitched, but then Lucas found out that Sami had slept with someone else the night before the big day. Actually, though, Lucas’ mother—who hates Sami—had drugged Sami and her supposed lover and put them in bed together. Drama at its finest, no?)

We have to admit that we aren’t regular viewers of the show—we heard about the green wedding on NPR (we swear!). We do see about one episode a year, which seems to be enough to keep us up to speed because nothing every really changes. It’s kind of like keeping track of what the Democrats are doing in response to the Bush administration’s unsavory actions—an annual check-in is all it takes to verify that they haven’t done a thing.


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