Lifestyles of the Green and the Famous

When it comes to having one’s fingers in many pies, Oprah Winfrey might just take the cake (we know, we know, mixed metaphor. But c’mon—it’s all pastry related). Not only does she have a talk show, a magazine, and a book club, she also somehow finds time for charity work. But you know that. We’re focusing on Oprah today because her show this afternoon is all about going green, and she’s got plenty of easy-to-follow tips on her website, too. The woman is a force on her own, but she’s bringing in a little extra star power (Matt Damon and Sheryl Crow) to talk about why it’s cool to be green.

Speaking of star power, Oprah is also featuring The Green Book: The everyday guide to saving the planet one simple step at a time. The manuscript, which will be available June 19, includes a forward by Cameron Diaz and William McDonough, and contributions from other famous folks, such as Robert Redford, Will Ferrell, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Aniston.

What can we sayit's easy (and cool) being green.


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Oprah is Going Green, Will You?

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