Hi, Hi Birdie

Jesus Christ’s resurrection isn’t the only comeback people are celebrating this month. Biologists with the California Condor Recovery Program announced the first egg laid in Mexico since the endangered birds were reintroduced in 2002 to the Sierra San Pedro de Martír National Park.

“This is a momentous occasion,” said Mike Wallace, Ph.D., scientist with the Zoological Society of San Diego’s center for Conservation and Research for Endangered Species (CRES) and the California Condor Recovery Program team leader. “It marks the beginning of the breeding phase of the program that we hope will eventually lead to reproductive sustainability in this new population.”


The last documented wild California condor in Mexico was spotted in the late 1930s. The California Condor Recovery Program team joined forces with the Mexican government to reintroduce this species to its native habitat in the pristine mountain range where 11 condors, including this breeding pair, now fly free.

Aw, we’re suckers for a story in which the underdog makes it despite improbable odds. It really tugs at our heartstrings, kind of like the movie Rudy. That’s right, we just admitted that we liked Rudy.


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