Green Eye for the Un-Eco Guy

We have an idea for a new reality show: Green Eye for the Un-Eco Guy (or Gal). Environmentally conscious hosts would descend on the homes and businesses of friends and strangers and say things like, “He doesn’t even have CFLs!” for the camera before installing low-flow showerheads and replacing the windows. Home and business owners targeted on the show might even see changes in their landscaping upon their return from temporary exile. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll like it. According to an article in San Diego’s The Daily Transcript, a growing number of people are looking to go green with sustainable landscaping:

As part of the current infatuation with all things green, eco-minded businesses are pressing sustainable landscaping -- designs that they say save energy, conserve water and reduce the need for chemicals and pesticides. This spring, landscapers who specialize in green gardening are reporting a sharp increase in business and growing interest in complex systems that capture and recycle rainwater and snowmelt.

You can improve your lawn or garden’s water efficiency by installing rainwater harvesting systems or drip irrigation systems, while planting shade trees near a building can help decrease direct sunlight and wind, reducing air conditioning and heating costs. Eco-landscapers also seem to be looking towards natural products to grow their plants while using tools made from recycled materials.

Home-improvement chain Lowe's (NYSE: LOW) now stocks more than 40 earth-friendly lawn and garden products, up from 27 a year ago, including outdoor decking made from reclaimed oak and recycled plastic and garden hoses made from recycled rubber and newspapers. Ace Hardware even sells solar-powered garden gnomes that absorb the sun's energy by day and light up at night.

We can just picture it now. The first un-eco guy (or gal) featured on our show returns home at dusk after spending the whole day with one of the hosts shopping for eco-friendly furnishings. As one of the hosts removes his blindfold, he sees the glowing gnome and proclaims, “If I’d known that being environmentally-friendly meant glowing gnomes, I would have done it a long time ago!”

Ok, the first time he might say something like, “What’s that freaky little glowing thing?” But we’re sure he’d get it right on the second take.

Anyone interested in funding the project?


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