Green Apple

He may not be the Governator, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is sticking to his guns when it comes to the environment. On Sunday, he announced 127 bold initiatives to green the Big Apple, which he says will make it the first environmentally sustainable city.

According to an article in The New York Times:

The plan is intended to foster steady population growth, with the city expected to gain about 1 million residents by 2030, and to put in place a host of environmentally sensitive measures that would reduce the greenhouse gases it generates.

The 25-year plan will need approval from state legislators, yet it shows Bloomberg’s willingness to emerge as a leader in the nation’s green movement. Some of the projects include planting a million trees over 10 years, implementing an $8 congestion tax for cars that drive in parts of the city, increasing the number of bike paths, and cultivating mussels to filter pollutants out of the rivers.

Not all of the proposed project will get through the bureaucratic hoops (and at least some that do will likely be altered), but desperate times call for desperate measures. Well, maybe we aren’t desperate yet, but the plan Bloomberg is proposing might help the growing city avoid climate-related disaster in the future.

As the Step-It-Up campaigners demonstrated here last weekend, New York City is especially vulnerable to rises in sea level, and without plans to mitigate the negative consequences of global warming, we’re sunk.

We here at Plenty are happy to support our mayor and hope that other elected officials follow suit. Believe us, global warming will be on our minds a lot in the coming months as we walk our sweaty bodies around the city and try to prevent passing out from the summer heat.