Even More Gore

After winning an Oscar, Gore didn’t just sit around basking in his glory: He testified before Congress, promoted his global warming concert, Live Earth, and now he is bringing even more attention to climate change by kicking off the Tribeca Film Festival. 

According to an article in the Washington Post:

The festival, which will run from April 25 through May 5, is taking the rare step of opening not with a high-profile feature film but seven short films presented by the Save Our Selves (SOS) campaign.

In a statement given Thursday night, Gore, who will host the opening night event, was singing (yes, in our minds he can sing, too) the praises of SOS, which is also behind Live Earth, according to Ecorazzi:

"The SOS Short Films Program harnesses some of the world's most creative minds to educate, inform and inspire people across the globe to solve the climate crises."

Given that we are mildly obsessed with Gore, we might just put on our “Gore is Our Hero” t-shirts and grab a tub of popcorn.