There’s Something Fishy Going on Here

We’ve heard of “ants in your pants” and “a fish out of water,” but someone putting a fish in her pants is a new one to us. And, apparently, it’s illegal—and worth nine months of community service—if you happen to be smuggling protected fish from Singapore into Australia, we learned from an AP article.

Sharon Naismith, 45, was caught in June 2005 at the airport in the southern city of Melbourne after customs officers heard "flipping" noises coming from her clothes and conducted a search, Australian Customs said.

In a specially made apron under her dress, they found 15 plastic bags filled with water and fish: one rare Asian arowana that customs said was worth tens of thousands of dollars, and 14 catfish.

Huh? Catfish? We can only assume that Naismith was duped into thinking all of the fish were worth thousands. Or maybe she just thinks Asian catfish taste better.


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