Pillow Talk

For those of you looking for ways to reduce your environmental, er, footprint in the bedroom, we have some tips for you (via Grist).

In the most recent Ask Umbra column, the advice maven suggests ways to green your sex life, starting with condoms:

Every condom is inherently ecological, and they literally come in green if you so wish. There are even vegan condoms made with cocoa powder in place of milk protein.

To set the mood, she suggests hemp sheets, dimming the lights, using organic massage oils, and for entertainment, watching An Inconvenient Truth. Nothing like a little PowerPoint to make everyone want to jump into bed.  

Avoid toys made of plastics that use phthalates, she advises, because they could cause reproductive problems. (Recent research also suggests that they can make us fat, as we pointed out in a previous blog post, which is definitely a turn off.)  

We appreciate Umbra’s advice, as always, and also the honesty of the questioner, who finally met someone as eco-friendly as her, she says. Believe us when we tell you that we understand how hard that is to do.

If you’ve done something especially green this year, like eco-fy your sex life, we’d like to hear about it (but maybe not, um, too much about it). Submit an entry to our Beyond Bulbs 2007 contest until April 11th.


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