Panda Poo Paper

Every once in a while readers who don’t agree with a stance we’ve taken tell us that what we’ve written is crap, but until now we’ve never considered writing on crap.

That could change, if officials at China’s Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base are successful in their plans to convert the endangered animals’ excrement into high-quality paper. According to the Times,

Jing Jing, Ke Bi, Ya Ya and the 40 or so other pandas living at the Chengdu breeding base produce about 200 tonnes of excrement a year. Thus the pandas may begin to pay for their keep at the research centre, which spends millions of pounds on raising and breeding the rare animals.


Liao Jun, a researcher, said: “If the stools can be used to make souvenirs, we will not only make a profit but also help the environment.” He told The Times that it would be wasteful not to find a way to recycle panda droppings. “We aren’t interested in doing this for the profits but to recycle the waste. We can use the paper ourselves and we can sell whatever is left over.”

For those of you wondering what kind of keepsakes might be made from panda feces:

Mr Liao said he expected to see items ranging from wrapping paper and paper handkerchiefs to tourist souvenirs such as fans and picture frames made from excrement. Visitors may even be able to gain a hands-on experience with the raw material if the research centre succeeds with plans to move production into a museum.

We’re all for recycled paper, but we’re not entirely sure we’d like to doodle on dung.


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Finally, something suitable on which to print a diploma in political science!

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