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Emerging from his black Mercury Mariner hybrid this morning, Al Gore was ready to address Congress and tell them face to face that the time to act on global warming has come.

And, in the words of Julia Roberts, he said when, he said who, he said how much. In his address to two House subcommittees and at a Senate hearing, he mentioned 10 specific suggestions, which included a freeze on carbon emissions, a tax shift, and a new international treaty, according to David Roberts’ blog on Huffington (for a longer rendition of Roberts’ live blog, check out Grist). 

According to an article in The New York Times:

Waving his finger at some 40 House members, he said, ‘A day will come when our children and grandchildren will look back and they’ll ask one of two questions.’

Either, he said, they will ask: what in God’s name are they doing?’ or ‘they may look back and say: How did they find the uncommon moral courage to rise above politics and redeem the promise of American democracy?

After impersonating our descendents, he took a more parental approach:

The planet has a fever. If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. 

Aw. Papa Gore just wants to take care of us.


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Personally I'm getting a little ill of people poking fun at Al Gore. In the few short years he has been crusading against global warming he has put more of a face on the issue than all the scientists and environmentalists have done in 20 years. Maybe if we all spent less time commenting about his weight and more time supporting his cause the world would be on a bettr track.

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