Laying the Smackdown on Ocean’s Foes

Every good cause deserves a mascot, and now the ocean has its very own: a silver-masked wrestler. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle:

The wrestler, son of Mexico's most famous fighter, "El Santo," will aid the nongovernmental, U.S.-based organization WildCoast with its campaign to stop sea turtle consumption in Mexico, defend protected areas on California's coast, and promote saving the gray whales in Baja California.

No, this isn’t another Nacho Libre movie. It’s just the way those Mexican wrestlers do things:

El Hijo's latest venture reflects a long tradition in Mexico, where legions of the leotard-wearing wrestlers have participated in everything from presidential campaigns to battles for affordable housing.

Santo took up this cause because he was saddened by the plight of the oceans, he explained at a press conference. To bring attention to the problems, he plans to travel to beach communities in Mexico and California and hand out comics of himself battling bad guys and saving the sea. He can also be seen in a fake movie trailer for “Santo vs. the Enemies of the Sea.”

If only the other environmental issues had such a charismatic hero…