Hey, National Mall, are you ready to rock?

Well, not quite. Al Gore had wanted to hold his 7/7/07 “Live Earth” concert at the Mall, but we learned today that he’s run into some trouble securing the venue. Is it because he’s too square to rock in our nation’s capital? Nah—I mean, he’s not exactly Ian MacKaye, but with that rad black blazer he wore in An Inconvenient Truth he was practically Johnny Cash. Heh heh.  

No, it’s the Republican Opposition that doesn’t like the idea of holding the concert at the Mall. Specifically, one very un-rock-and-roll Senator James Inhofe (R-OK).

From a Reuters piece:

"Senator Inhofe objects to having any events on the Capitol grounds that are either highly partisan or politically controversial -- and the proposed Gore concert is both," said spokesman Marc Morano.

Talk about square.