The Roundup

City Slickers

In days of yore (about 50 years ago), the waterfront in Brooklyn, New York, was littered with oil refineries. Oil seeped into the ground, leaving a pool of toxic waste. Now, New York’s attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, is threatening to sue Exxon Mobil and four other companies responsible for the underground oil spill. Apparently they think they can take their sweet time to clean it up.

The New York Times, Newsday

Creature Caper

Stealing animals from their zoo homes is a growing trend. Officials from the UK and the States are finding that groups of people are sneaking into zoos to take the animals. Absconding with everything from African gray parrots to lions, the bands of thieves often turn over their bounty to private animal traders and collectors. Animal collectors? Ever heard of stamps? Rare coins, perhaps?

The Independent, National Geographic News 

Stop Monkeying Around and Cut Down on Logging

Illegal logging in Indonesia is threatening orangutans, and something must be done, says the United Nations. In a report released on Wednesday, the UN warned that saving the wild orangutans—which share about 98 percent of our DNA—we’re going to have to decrease the worldwide demand for lumber. According to the report, almost all of the orangutan’s habitat could be gone by 2022. That means that if we’re lazy enough, we might not have wild orangutans or fish by 2048.

BBC, UN News Service

Gulf Woes

Oil refineries along the gulf are some of the worst culprits of pollution, according to an analysis conducted by an environmental advocacy group. The Environmental Integrity Project looked at EPA data and reported on the ten refineries that pollute air the most. They found that refineries down there, including six in Texas, can get away with a heck of a lot because state regulations are relaxed and rarely enforced. Protecting oil interests in Texas? Shocking.

San Antonio Press, The Houston Chronicle


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