The Roundup

Happy Birthday to the National Parks Service

President Bush announced yesterday that he would give the National Parks Service its largest budget increase ever to get ready for its 100th anniversary, which it will celebrate in 2016. In 2008, the agency will get $2.4 billion, a significant increase from the $2.17 billion budgeted last year. LA Times, Casper Star Tribune 


Both China and Brazil said Tuesday   that wealthy countries like the United States should be responsible for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, not developing countries. China, which is the second largest carbon emitter behind the United States, said that emissions limits would hinder its economic development. The New York Times, Reuters

Murrelet Mortality

A government review published this week found that the marbled murrelet population is significantly declining in Alaska and Canada. The Bush administration asked for the review, conducted by the US Geological Survey and the Fish and Wildlife Service, to see if the bird, which nests in old growth forests, could be taken off of the endangered species list. Forbes, Washington Post 

No You Didn’t

A Senate panel led by Barbara Boxer (D-CA), the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chairwoman, reamed out EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson for supporting industry over public interests. Johnson withstood the attack and pointed out some of the agency’s accomplishments. San Francisco Chronicle, McClatchy 

-Susan Cosier 


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