The Climate Game Plan

We know that climate change is a global issue, but we didn’t know that so many groups agreed. More than 90 companies, organizations, and experts yesterday released an international plan to curb global warming that calls on governments to take strong action.  

“The worldwide business community said, ‘We’re ready to act,’” says Jeffrey Sachs, head of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and chair of the Global Roundtable on Climate Change, which created the statement. “The politicians, unfortunately, have been lagging behind the business sector.”  

“We are part of the problem,” says Tomas Ericson, president of Volvo’s North America Group and a signatory, but “we are also part of the solution.” 

The statement is intended to be a framework for governments to address climate change. The round table members (who come from industry—including air transport, energy, and technology—non-profit organizations, and the sciences) suggest that governments set targets for carbon concentration standards and greenhouse gas emission standards, and place a price on those emissions. The group also outlines cost-effective technologies for carbon capture and sequestration.

This all sounds great to us, but (yup, here’s the “but”) while it wouldn’t hurt international policy makers to take these suggestions under consideration, at the end of the day the plan is a non-binding, non-regulating agreement. Yet we still appreciate the intention of the group and Sachs’ role as a knight of the roundtable.


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