Lifestyles of the Green and the Famous

Do you hear that buzz? No, we don’t mean the pitiful reverberations as Britney’s locks were shorn from her head this past weekend (although that was certainly an interesting sight to behold). The buzz we’re referring to comes from the eco-chatter surrounding Sunday’s Academy Awards.

According to an article in the Independent:

“[This] Wednesday, a glittering group of green greats - headed by Leonardo DiCaprio, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Edward Norton - will roll up to the hot-spot Avalon club to kick off the Oscar season.”

The party will feature organic beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as raise money for the green rebuilding of New Orleans. Sponsored by Global Green, a national environmental organization headquartered in Los Angeles, the party “aims to raise funds and awareness for ‘smart global warming solutions.’” This isn’t a new goal:

For the past five years Global Green has been persuading celebrities to turn up to the Academy Awards in fuel-efficient vehicles rather than gas guzzlers. Morgan Freeman, Susan Saradon, Charlize Theron, and Harrison Ford have all taken part in its Red Carpet/Green Cars Oscar campaign.”

Admittedly, no one is exactly stepping outside the eco-box by drinking cocktails or driving hybrids, but it is nice to see at least some celebrities making the effort to make the red carpet a little bit greener.

-Alison Sherbach



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