ExxonMobilWatch: Cash for Cozenage

Calling all skeptics! Anybody who is willing to undermine the International Panel on Climate Change report released today, please report to the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

AEI, a conservative think tank with close ties to the Bush administration and funded largely by ExxonMobile, is offering $10,000 (plus travel expenses) to scientists and economists that can poke holes in the report written by hundreds of scientists and reviewers. Some scientists, like David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, are not too happy about it, according to an article in The Guardian:

The IPCC process is probably the most thorough and open review undertaken in any discipline. This undermines the confidence of the public in the scientific community and the ability of governments to take on sound scientific advice.

And activists, like Ben Stewart of Greenpeace, are even angrier:

The AEI is more than just a think tank, it functions as the Bush administration's intellectual Cosa Nostra. They are White House surrogates in the last throes of their campaign of climate change denial. They lost on the science; they lost on the moral case for action. All they've got left is a suitcase full of cash.

Even though the cash may sound tempting, it seems to us that if AEI has to pay scientists and economists to disagree with the scientific consensus, the group doesn’t have much hope of finding hordes of people ready to sign up for the job. If anything, AEI’s desperate attempt shows just how overwhelming the scientific evidence has become.

-Susan Cosier 


Congrats on being linked to from Scientific American's SciAm blog. Unfortuately, they didn't practice due dilligence and accepted your story as accurate.

Maybe it was--for five minutes on February 2--but since then the AEI has published their side in a letter to Senators Feinstein, Sanders, Leahy and Kerry. In it Christopher DeMuth states:

"The accusations of the Guardian article, and of your letter, are false. I sent around a memorandum to my AEI colleagues the day the article was published, attaching the letters we had sent to various scientists and policy experts knowledgeable about climate change issues (one of the letters was quoted in part by the Guardian). My memo and the letters are attached here (Attachment 3). Relevant portions of these documents were in circulation on the Internet last weekend and in the press earlier this week; they were readily available to anyone on your staffs who had wished to look into the matter or to call me or anyone else at AEI about it.",filter.all/pub_detail.asp

Ex-communists become environmentalists and their interest groups get 90 billion per year to prove global warming. Couldn't take down the capitalists by saying they'd starve you to death by taking all your moeny, now they're trying to say they'll kill you by changing the environment.
90 billion-that's alot more than the non-existent 10K.

90B - That's a conservative estimate of their assets.
Why so much?
Oh-by the way, they're not audited like Exxon because they're non-profit. So who knows how much they REALLY have, and why do their directors make in excess of a half million dollars?
Because the Vanguard must have its means to enforce their new revolution.
SA nees to stop being full of a hypocritical agenda.
Put your politics aside and start doing some math.
I have a feeling, there are too many writers and editors there without any science, math, or engineering backgrounds.
Furthermore, I'm sick of the lies I now get from them.
Scientific American, you're neither "scientific" nor are you "American." I only visit your website because I don't want to pay for your crap anymore.
I'm suprised you're in business - then again, do you get any money to fund your magazine from the World Wildlife Fund? GreenPeace? Earth First? I'd like to know.

I'm a capitalist, and I think you-- Mike Weis-- are a moron. Global warming is established by science, not communism. Oh wait, the "undiligent" scientific community are all communists too? Yeah, right.