Your Wind Turbine is Simply Smashing

Home wind turbines, it seems, are all the rage in the U.K. This we learned yesterday from a Reuter’s piece, which, in has (in addition to, we must admit, some perfectly good reporting on home wind turbines and the government subsidies that are making them popular) the flowery-est lede we’ve read in a while:

A mere breath of a breeze disturbs the quiet of autumn in south London and the wind turbine on the gable of Donnachadh McCarthy's home turns lazily.

The morning sun casts shadows from solar panels onto the walls of the house and filters through the windows into his living room.

"I'm in surplus. I am now providing money to the grid," he said with a grin, gesturing at a red light winking on the wall that marks the progress of his domestic power station.

What happens next? Does Mr. Darcy emerge from the wind turbine? Or perhaps Jeeves brings in a bowl of sustainable clotted cream?


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