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How doth commuting stink? Let us count the ways: socially, environmentally, psychologically, financially…and the list goes on. But some workplaces do a better job than others at making the daily haul as painless as possible. Yesterday, the EPA released a list of the top commuter-friendly companies, ranked by percentage of domestic employees who are eligible for commuter benefits, such as subsidized transit passes, telecommuting, carpool programs, and emergency rides home. 

Here’s who made it into the top twenty:

   1.  Intel
   2.  Microsoft
   3.  (tie) Google Inc.
   3.  (tie) Oracle
   6.  Yahoo! Inc.
   7.  Cisco Systems
   8.  Sun Microsystems
   9.  Texas Instruments
 10.  Applied Materials, Inc.
 11.  Safeco Insurance
 12.  Reliant Energy 
 13.  Wyeth
 14.  Apple
 15.  IBM
 16.  Advanced Micro Devices
 17.  (tie) EMC Corporation
 17.  (tie) El Paso Corporation
 17.  (tie) NIKE, Inc.
 20.  Schering-Plough

Heavy on the computer companies, eh? Good thing, since short, easy commutes = more time for our techie friends to find weird stuff on the Internet to e-mail to us.


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