Fuel Binges of the Rich and Famous

In Hollywood, the green set just also happens to be the private-jet set, we learned from a Tmz.com article yesterday. The basic gist of the article: Even though Hollywood types might be all Prius-ed out on the ground, in the air it’s a different story. They’re about as addicted to jet fuel as they are to designer duds and Oscar-night gift bags.

Four of the five Prius-driving celebs featured in the article (Julia Roberts, J-Lo, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt) have racked up some serious air miles in the past few years. The worst offender was Brad Pitt, who recently burned 11,000 gallons of fuel on a trip to Namibia in his private plane. The exception: Leonardo DiCaprio, who travels on commercial airliners. “Leo flies just like us folk,” says the article. How positively proletarian! Swoon!


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