From Pesticide Exec to EPA Honcho

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported on Saturday that a woman who spent eight  years as a mucky-muck at pesticide companies has just been named regional EPA administrator in the Pacific Northwest. Understandably, environmentalists are not thrilled about Elin Miller’s appointment, given her career trajectory thus far. From the article:

She worked as an executive at Dow Chemical from 1996 to 2004, overseeing public affairs and the global pest-management and Asia Pacific operations, according to an EPA news release. Miller most recently served as president of the North American arm of Arysta LifeScience, a Tokyo-based pesticide maker.

Since Miller was the most qualified applicant for the job, we are having fun imagining the resumés of the candidates who didn’t cut it. Hummer CEOs? Paper mill owners? Poachers? 


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