Driving on Sunshine

“Zero emissions, zero consumption” is the tagline French company Venturi has given its solar-powered electric car. The manufacturer claims it will be the first truly green machine to be produced commercially.

An article in the London Times yesterday called our attention to the sporty little two-seater, which, bucking convention, seats one occupant in front of the other rather than side by side. The machine is covered with 3.6 square meters of solar panels and, while it may resemble an elongated go-cart, can zoom along—silently—at 70 mph for a distance of 70 miles without recharging.

For those of you puzzled by how this “flying wing set on four wheels” (as the designer likes to refer to it) can claim rights to its green credentials: Venturi will offset CO2 emissions incurred during construction.

Great concept, funky design, but what about the price? There’s the catch. The car will set its eco-conscious owner back about $115,000. That’s one reason to start saving for a sunny day.


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Why does a green car have to cost so damn much? NO wonder only Hollywood has all the newest green devices.

I am pleased to say that I recently purchased the Saturn Vue Greenline Hybrid. It's base price was just under $23K and I didn't get that "hybrid" charge. It does come with Toyota Higlander and Ford escape and can be as much as $3K.

I really enjoy driving the Saturn and I made my first serious trek that involed some driving up a mountain or two...not exactly a good time to amximize gas efficiency. But I still walked away with 31 mpg!!!

It would be nice if being green didn't seem so expensive.

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