Congo Hippos in Trouble

The political turmoil and fighting that has plagued the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the past decade has taken its toll on the country’s wildlife, we learned from a Reuter’s article on Friday. Rebel fighters have killed more than 400 hippos in one of the country’s biggest parks, and experts say if they killing continues, there will be no more hippos in the park by the end of the year.

The poachers aren’t just after the hippos’ ivory; they’re also after their meat: According to the article, since so many hippos have been killed, the price of their meat has dropped to about $.20 per kilo in illegal bushmeat markets.

A while back, we posted about Rwanda’s plan to adopt several rhinos from other countries to draw tourists. We wonder whether they’ve considered adding any Congolese hippos to the family…

A note from the editors: When we typed in “rebel poachers could wipe out hippos in Congo park” to Google to research this blog entry, Google nicely asked us if we meant “rebel poachers could wipe out hippies in Congo park,” which would have made for a much weirder post.  



Though Cartman from South Park would have really liked that post and possibly Dick Cheney.