Carbon Police

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has some harsh words for rock bands. He’s not criticizing their music, but rather the “ridiculous” amounts of carbon they emit touring to far-flung destinations.

As the rocker told the Guardian:

“The way that tours are structured now and the way it works is a ridiculous consumption of energy ... I would consider refusing to tour on environmental grounds, if nothing started happening to change the way the touring operates.”

No worries, Radiohead fans. Apparently the rest of the group outvoted Yorke, so the band will continue touring.

Our favorite part of the article is the section where Yorke muses about different modes of transportation.

“It's all completely la-la. It's daft. When you discuss it you feel like a prat because you're saying I'm not happy with that and I want to do it another way. I want to go to the US by ship. The Cure did that years ago because Robert Smith refused to fly, and then I get told that if you take the ship, that's as much carbon usage.”

He added: "Long haul flights just feel wrong. I'm trying to figure out a way of getting to Japan by train. I quite fancy that Trans-Siberian whatsitsname but apparently it's a bit scary."

And we quite fancy your tangential train of thought, Thom.