Recyclable Comedy

Earth dudes podcast!
We talk for the earth. We don't back down. (Funding provided by Ocean Oil and American Auto.)

Low carbon movie
Savage pictures presents: Fire Journey

Bush tells Obama "you can't just reverse all my stuff"
And calls "infinity executive orders." Because "you can't beat infinity times."

Renewable energy blindness
Some people clinically proven to recognize only nuclear power, not solar or wind.

Defining characteristic of Bush administration
It sucks.

Capturing methane from landfills

News you'd rather not know!

A message on BPA. From the BPA industry.
It's not that bad for you. Scientists should stay out of it. Seriously. Shut up.

Oil drilling in Wyoming
Are you self reliant, or are you one of those liberals that goes around suing everyone?

Cold war at the north pole
We don't take oil, we just liberate countries that have it

Hippie boss nightmare
Wouldn't it be cool if we could get all our energy from pancakes?

Landfill mining
Ken Burns' acclaimed Gold Rush of 2049

Solving problems without asking why
Like how Palin wants to solve global warming without asking who caused it

Telling stockholders to stuff it
Chamber of commerce goes green

Tropical Greenland
No matter how bad things seem, it's always getting better for someone.

When your food starts talking
Hi, I'm your friendly British beef. I don't know how I landed on your plate. Whoops!

Republican Energy
We get it.

Coca Cola takes over world
Coke Chairman says consumers want private companies to do government's job. Sneak peak at how that looks.

Finding a green roommate guarantees you treehugging roommates who'll compost right in the bathroom!

Sustainable investments
Like tofu, tempeh, and tasteless crunchy cereal

Birds exposed to PCBs singing out of tune.
People too.

Green fashion trends
Ditch the little black dress for a skirt made of leaves and twigs

Interesting side effects of global warming
New York City's already insufferable summers could get worse

How do you know when you're using a green product?
When the actors in the commercial look wholesome, but can't afford to use the product in real life

US Military Vision Quests
Military on cutting edge of (new age) environmental movement

Harnessing the power of irritations
Like small children in restaurants

Shell redefines "sustainable"
Because they care about saving the earth. If by caring, you mean not caring.

Olympics and pollution: A message from China
It's not pollution. Western society has merely lost the ability to run over the past four years.

News you'd rather not know!
You eat 1500 more calories per day than you should... and it's destroying the planet. Dark omen: Birds flying further and further north. And: No one's keeping track of pesticides anymore!

Private, internal memo to EPA staff
EPA staff are not to respond to... anyone. Don't even talk about how your weekend was.

Bush edits environmental report
The EPA's report was kind of complicated, so Bush boiled it down

Al Gore's historic challenge to the nation
One hundred percent of energy from carbon free sources within ten years. We can do this. If we learn to time travel.

Hoodlum recyclers
Legitimate recycling services in uproar over criminal bottle snatching activity

Fun with wind-powered airplanes
Harrowing experiments in aero-turbines, plane passenger pedal power, and not really going anywhere at all!

Back to the future - the value of land
Predictions: by 2008, land value will have increased! Suburban schools will still be great! Gas prices will be low! All suburban homes will be worth millions!

At G8 summit, world's richest nations agree on how to cut emissions
Conditions: people in poor countries stop driving cars, scientists discover a new bacteria that craps electricity, and America gets a new president.

Utah state workers taking one for the team
To reduce their carbon footprint, state workers vow to: take three day weekends, not cut the grass, stop showering, not have your paperwork, and bring their cats to work.

Jumping Mexico border for cheap gas
If you're towing three cars and lugging extra gas tanks across the border, authorities might suspect you're there for the cheap gas.

Cooney and Bush, sittin' in a tree
Philip Cooney, Chief of Staff of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, altered scientific reports to favor oil companies. He did it for love.

Depressing eco heroes
Dr. Theo Colborn on declining sperm counts and your stolen future, James Hansen on planetary emergency, Al Gore on how it's worse than we thought, and more!

Buy an SUV
Please, please, please. Buy an SUV. Please.

News you'd rather not know
China beats US greenhouse gas emissions (and not because we got better), shower curtains killing you, ocean temperature and conditions 50% worse than study said, and more!

Bush's green legacy
Blow by blow: Over course of presidency, Bush struggles with complex feelings toward global warming

Pregnant women and cell phone use
Study suggests excessive use during pregnancy may cause behavioral problems...

Spinach is forever
Nothing says "I love you" like a bag of organic spelt.

Make the environment better by making it worse!
Drop trash in the street to create mini-ecosystems for plague-carrying rats... and other nifty tips!

Country v. City
Country cousin and city cousin duke it out for greenest lifestyle

Blame it on Alaska
State sues government to keep polar bears from being listed as threatened species

Unintended consequences
Open the fridge door and a puppy dies on the other side of the world

Nature's delicate balance
Foiled plans to restore ecosystems point to brilliant solution: kill all animals in area so hunters go away.

Best of the Web

A supplementary podcast extra to the beauty of bugs.

Energy Bill
Karla Jacobs sings to George Bush about sustainable energy.

Issue 25

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