(Jul 13, 2007)

Rob Lowe promotes tax credits for hybrid vehicles

By Ann Sanner
From AP

WASHINGTON (AP) - Actor Rob Lowe, who portrays a member of Congress on television, appeared before lawmakers Thursday and promoted tax credits for people who add a plug-in feature to hybrid cars and trucks.

Lowe plays a junior senator from California on ABC's ''Brothers & Sisters.'' He testified before a special House panel looking at energy and global warming issues. Later, he appeared at a demonstration about three blocks from the Capitol featuring a Toyota Prius that had been converted to a plug-in hybrid.

Lowe said his interest in clean energy was not new. Recent events, he said, led him to become more active on the issue.

''The first money I ever made and was able to invest, I invested in an alternative energy company going back 25 years,'' he said. ''Like a lot of Americans, I've been watching as the climate changes and as we are in a war on terror where our oil addiction helps fund people that want to kill us. It's gotten my attention.''

He promoted plug-in hybrids, which have both electric and gasoline motors, plus a battery pack that can be recharged at home.

''I have been driving this car around and I have to tell you, it did what my mother couldn't do. It did what my driving instructor couldn't do - it's made me a better driver,'' Lowe said.

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