(Jul 17, 2007)

Brazilian fishermen caught killing dolphins

By Alan Clendenning
From AP

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A crew of Brazilian fishermen was captured on video killing 83 dolphins and joking about their illegal haul, Brazil's Ibama environmental protection agency said Tuesday.

The video obtained by an Ibama researcher and broadcast by Globo TV showed the fishermen netting the dolphins, which suffocated because they could not surface to breathe.

The researcher was contracted by the agency and sent undercover aboard the fishing boat to monitor hauls of other fish. The dolphin kill was filmed while the boat was off the coast of Amapa state, near the point where the Amazon River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

As the dolphins were hauled from the sea and piled on the boat's deck, fishermen on board laughed after someone said, ''Everyone's going to jail after this filming!''

No one has been charged or fined because authorities were still trying to identify the fishermen caught on video, Globo reported.

Ibama confirmed the Globo report that aired Monday night, but said Tuesday that no one was immediately available to provide additional details. It was not immediately clear whether the researcher or a crew member filmed the dolphins being killed.

Fishermen who illegally snag dolphins usually sell the meat to other boats that use it to haul up sharks, Globo TV said.

The images appalled groups trying to protect dolphins around the world.

''Brazil has strict laws to protect whales and dolphins in their waters, and they are very clearly being abused,'' said Claire Bass, program manager for marine mammals with the London-based World Society for the Protection of Animals. ''Using nets to kill these extremely sociable and intelligent animals by drowning them is completely diabolical.''

Dolphins are also caught off the coast of Africa for shark bait, she said.

Dolphin jaws complete with all the teeth are sold in an open air market in the large Amazon city of Belem, and the eyes are also sold as fetishes to men who believe they have magical powers attract riches and women. Dolphins penises are ground into a powder thought to make men more virile.

Killing dolphins is a crime in Brazil punishable by up to 1.5 years in prison. Ibama is working on a plan to ban fishing in the areas where the dolphins were killed.

The nation has also had problems with the killing of river dolphins harpooned in the Amazon River and used as bait, Bass said.

Fishermen who illegally kill the river dolphins try to wound them so they can be tied to trees while still alive.

''Then they come and kill them for the bait as and when they need it,'' Bass said.

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I am appalled and horrified by this brutal slaying of some of the most friendly, intelligent and beautiful mammals we have in our oceans.
I hope that the perpetrators are caught and punished severely - as they truly deserve to be.

I am absolutely disgusted by this illegal action. How anyone could bring themselves to cause such suffering to these beautiful animals is beyond me... and how the Brazilian law enforcers don't seem to be doing anything to catch the fishermen - 1.5 years in prison is nothing... how about 1.5 years for each of the 83 dolphins killed?

I hope the authorities, quickly capture, the people responsible for this atrocious act. Then lets see how funny they find it when released from their prison stretch

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