(Jun 5, 2007)

Global warming worries increasing around the world

From Reuters

OSLO (Reuters) - Worries about global warming have increased around the world this year and many people want more government action to slow climate change, a survey showed on Tuesday.

Sixteen percent of more than 26,000 Internet users in 47 nations surveyed in March said climate change was a "major concern" against just 7 percent in a survey in October, according to the report by the Nielsen Company and Oxford University.

"A lot of things happening together have generated a heightened concern," Max Boycoff of Oxford University Centre for the Environment told Reuters of the report issued to coincide with the U.N.'s World Environment Day on Tuesday.

He said U.N. reports blaming human emissions from burning fossil fuels for warming that could lead to more heatwaves, desertification, floods and rising sea levels had apparently spurred concerns and far more media coverage.

And freak warm weather in some regions had also probably contributed, as had a documentary by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore about the risks of warming.

In the survey, about 40 percent of those expressing concern wanted governments to restrict companies' emissions of greenhouse gases and wanted more investment in low-emission cars, houses and renewable energy.

Thirty-one percent thought people should recycle more. But only 3 percent said people should reduce air travel.

People in Switzerland, France, Australia and Canada were most worried about climate change, with more than 30 percent rating it among their top two concerns alongside issues such as the economy, health and job security.

The Group of Eight industrialized nations will meet in Germany for a summit from June 6-8. Among G8 nations, people in Russia and the United States were least concerned by warming.


We at Connecticut Real Estate and Construction have not the time to waste while the G8 deliberate picayune details about what sorts and how much of greenhouse gasses are allowable, and who was going to conform or not.

One might ask, what is the hurry? The hurry is: we humans are in the process of destroying our planet. Global warming is the single most significant environmental crisis the world community has ever seen. The 2007 G8 Summit in Germany will focus on the reversal of global warming. President Bush, of course opposes this proposal. Like his strategy in the Middle East, he has a better idea, and he wants to convince the world of something they already know is untrue. This time it’s not that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but that global warming is not that dire an issue.

Our Nero-like President fiddles, but we cannot allow our Rome to go up in flames. This isn’t a city’s destruction we speak of. It is the end of all of us, of history, of every thought and feeling humankind ever produced. Our present federal government is not going to do anything about this crisis.

Connecticut Real Estate and Construction will do something about it, because Connecticut needs GREEN workforce housing in significant number for very important reasons. Suburban sprawl is killing the environment. When we continually clear off two acres per household to put up large houses, we cut down trees which produce oxygen, we deplete the filtering system for our water, and we make houses which leave a carbon footprint which further opens a hole in the ozone. If we instead build multiple units together and build them with solar photovoltaic cell panels and with geothermal heating and cooling, we leave virtually no carbon footprint, we leave sufficient greenery to filter water run-off, and we provide our workforce with housing that allows them to stay in the state and not flee to the South and Southwest as has been the recent trend. As a result, those businesses (and their tax revenues) which require those workers need not flee with the workforce, a trend we have seen throughout the Northeast region of the country.

Additionally, we will build elderly housing. The Boomer Generation is aging. They are retiring at record rates and require specific housing that does not exist in sufficient number. We will build it. We will build commercial buildings and office space to go along with the elderly and workforce housing. We need cooperation from local governments to achieve our goals, and we need that cooperation quickly. As we move forward, we will build with town tax rolls in mind. We are aware that the workforce housing will require significant services and expenses, most notably educational expenses. This is why mixing the elderly housing with the workforce balances the ledger, for the elderly pay taxes without sending children to schools. Further, the commercial and office buildings will bring in significant tax revenues without pulling out revenues from the local municipality. This formula is referred to as “Smart Growth” and is to be part of our plans

While proposing “caution” and “care” is rarely foolhardy advice, studies on these issues have already been done and “smart growth” is necessary throughout the state and the country. We cannot wait. The cost is too dear for all of us to sit idly by and fiddle away time as the planet goes up in flames.

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