Rains in Florida feed Lake Okeechobee (Jul 25)
Russian vessel to scout Arctic seabed comes to a halt (Jul 25)
Jumbo squid swimming around California waters (Jul 25)
Toyota develops plug-in hybrids for testing (Jul 25)
US Forest Service to help people offset emissions (Jul 25)
Diesel spills in Prince William Sound (Jul 24)
New York skyscrapers use ice to reduce electricity use (Jul 24)
States could lead the charge against climate change (Jul 23)
Nevada farmers worry about water (Jul 23)
St. Petersburg, Florida offers green activities (Jul 23)
Crocodile Hunter to be honored with wildlife reserve (Jul 23)
Radical environmentalist movement declines (Jul 23)
Governments in China block "green" economic report (Jul 23)
Environmentalists fight mining companies and 1872 law (Jul 20)
Opponents of a proposed coal-fired power plant on Navajo reservation want renewable energy (Jul 20)
Banana workers harmed by pesticide overuse, lawyer claims (Jul 20)
Jumping mouse may not be put on endangered species list (Jul 20)
Toxins found in tap water in Washington, DC (Jul 19)
Plug-in hybrids could decrease greenhouse gas emissions (Jul 19)
Climate change could bring disease and polar bear extinction (Jul 19)
Interest in solar energy spreading through Germany (Jul 19)
Study shows how flood disconnected Britain and France (Jul 19)
Ski resort in the French Alps succumbs to warming (Jul 19)
Problems persist at Japanese nuclear plant rocked by earthquake (Jul 18)
Court of Appeals rules in favor of farmers and EPA (Jul 18)
Boat off of New Hampshire coast hits finback whale (Jul 18)
Naked cyclists protesting pollution arrested (Jul 17)
Wal-mart to cut truck fuel use (Jul 17)
Business group calls for action on global warming (Jul 17)
Think-tank says China's pollution hampering productivity (Jul 17)
Bloomberg concedes congestion pricing plan defeat (Jul 17)
Brazilian fishermen caught killing dolphins (Jul 17)
Dutch airline passengers don't warm to global warming program (Jul 16)
EU farm ministers fail to approve GM potato (Jul 16)
The key to saving remaining forests: small communities (Jul 16)
Paris starts new bike service to reduce traffic and emissions (Jul 16)
Global warming drying up rivers in China (Jul 16)
Congestion pricing plan for New York City faces political hurdle (Jul 16)
India sets deadline for global warming plan (Jul 13)
China pollution apparent from Oregon peak (Jul 13)
India to plant trees on deforested land (Jul 13)
Rob Lowe promotes tax credits for hybrid vehicles (Jul 13)
Florida governor pledges to lower CO2 emissions (Jul 13)
Scientists to conduct study on emissions from farms (Jul 13)
Spiky caterpillars threaten ranch pastures (Jul 12)
Researchers say tests for toxic chemicals in food should be updated (Jul 12)
Vatican joins reforestation project (Jul 12)
EU aims to prevent toxic dumping by tightening controls (Jul 12)
Malaysia hopes to clone leatherback turtles (Jul 12)
China not reaching energy efficiency objectives (Jul 12)
Senators say climate change regulations won't hurt economy (Jul 11)
Environmental regulator defends Bush administration (Jul 11)
EPA to search Camp Lejeune for radioactive material (Jul 11)
Agency agrees on new rules to protect whales (Jul 11)
Huge squid washes up on Australian shore (Jul 11)
Millions watched Live Earth on the tube (Jul 10)
Wetlands in Jamaica Bay disappearing (Jul 10)
EU bans mercury in measuring devices (Jul 10)
Drip irrigation saves water and is good for plants (Jul 2)
Corals could benefit from hurricanes (Jul 2)
Health in Asia-Pacific to be hit hard by global warming (Jul 2)
China bans two ozone-depleting substances (Jul 2)
Toxic waste blamed for killing 20 tons of fish in Serbia (Jul 2)

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