Plenty's Mission

Plenty is an environmental media company dedicated to exploring and giving voice to the green revolution that will define the 21st Century. We live in exciting times: people everywhere are reexamining every part of their lives. From the coffee we drink to the cars we use to drive to work, our lives are getting greener—and Plenty is here to document it.

Plenty (as you may have guessed) is also about abundance. We want to see the world move away from fossil-fuel dependence and toward the bounty of green energy sources here on earth, like wind and solar power. And we believe that sustainable living doesn’t have to be Spartan living—hence our motto: it’s easy being green.

We take our mission seriously and practice what we preach. We offer a digital version of the magazine. Our paper is 85-100 percent recycled and contains 20-30 percent post-consumer material. We also offset our carbon footprint (the energy used to print the magazine and run our offices) with Green Mountain Energy. Oh, and our website is carbon neutral as well.

Issue 25

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