Wildlife: Mind Games

By Sarah Parsons

A screenshot of Eco Quest

Textbooks are great in an “invaluable source of information” kind of way, but they’re not exactly page-turners. Check out a new way of learning through online video games. We rounded up a few free environmental games that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Ocean Survivor
Become one of the world’s threatened fish, and navigate the dangerous waters. Watch out for deadly encounters with fishing devices like trawlers, purse seiners, and longliner hooks. While you swim to pleasant music and earn points for staying alive, you’ll learn about how overfishing affects oceans. oceanlegacy.org /ocean_survivor.html

Green My Brain
Test your ecoknowledge —and pick up some new tips—with this interactive trivia game. Fair warning: Even level one throws some real zingers like, “How much can you improve your fuel economy by removing your car’s roof rack?” You can even contribute your own question and answer to the game (officials make sure it’s legit, of course). greenmybrain.com

Learn about wolf ecology by becoming one yourself and trying to survive in Yellowstone National Park. Design your wolf avatar, find a home, and raise a family. First task: Follow the scent to meet your mate (it’s harder than it sounds!), but don’t forget to keep up your strength by hunting elk and hares. wolfquest.org

Eco Quest
Fly a helicopter to transport African elephants away from dangerous poachers; stop logging in northern Finland to preserve traditional reindeer herding; or man a submarine and fight off Irrawaddy dolphin captors in Asia. Each adventure provides informtion about the perils facing the animal you’re trying to save.

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