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The Chicago Auto Show is the oldest in North America

For a sneak peek at green car design, check out the Chicago Auto Show (February 9 to 18), the oldest one in North America. Visitors will get to feast their eyes on over 1,000 snazzy vehicles and concept cars. Last year, Ford, GM, Toyota, and BMW all unveiled models with eco-friendly features. (chicagoautoshow.com)
Bike lovers take notice! Up to 100 vendors will participate in the 2007 Seattle Bike Swap (February 18). With new and used bikes, and all related gear on sale at bargain prices, it will be the Black Friday of bike shopping. (pazzovelo.com)


Stop by the Environmental Film Festival (March 15 to 25) in Washington, D.C., a ten-day film smorgasbord with more than 20,000 people in attendance. Choose among 100-plus documentaries and features, including Cracking the Ocean Code, a researcher’s quest to unlock the genetic secrets of the world’s oceans, and an in-progress documentary about E.O. Wilson. (dcenvironmentalfilmfest.org)
For a more intimate gathering, hit the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival in Seattle (March 30 to April 1). This year’s themes include climate change, peak oil, and and Hurricane Katrina. (hazelfilm.org)

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