Truckin’ Awesome

Willie Nelson brings biofuel to the red states

By Philip Armour

Truckers just can’t wait to get on the road again with BioWillie.

Ethanol: A form of alcohol often produced from corn or sugarcane. It can be used as an additive to—or substitute for—gasoline.

Flashpoint: The lowest temperature at which a substance will form an ignitable mixture with air. The lower the flashpoint, the more flammable the substance. With a flashpoint of 306 degrees, biodiesel is so safe that it’s not even recognized as a flammable substance, plus it tends to burn better when mixed with petroleum diesel. (Gasoline, for instance, is much more volatile.) In cold temperatures, though, biodiesel can require heating, since gelling can be a problem when temperatures drop below 20 degrees.

B-rating and E-rating: Designations used to indicate the percentage of the fuel is biodiesel or ethanol, respectively. (e.g., B-20 contains 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel; E-20 contains 20 percent ethanol and 80 percent gasoline.)

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Issue 25

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