Trade This For That: Pharox

Trade This for That

Photo courtesy of Lemnis Lighting

Why switch from a regular incandescent bulb or a compact fluorescent (CFL) to the Pharox? Simple: If you buy one tomorrow, you’ll still be using it in 2043. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours or 35 years (based on an average usage of four hours per day), the LED-based Pharox lasts 50 times as long as a standard bulb while emitting the same warm glow, and it lasts eight times as long as a CFL without using any harmful mercury. Plus, although it costs more, you’ll save well over $200 for each Pharox that replaces a standard 40-watt bulb, according to the manufacturer’s estimate.

But even if all of Pharox’s promises don’t prove to be true (who’s got time to keep tabs on life expectancy?) consider that lighting accounts for 20 percent of worldwide energy consumption. How many lightbulbs does it take to change the world? Maybe just one.

Issue 25

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