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Recapture the summer with products infused with sea salt

By Alexandra Zissu

When it comes to summer, parting is beyond sweet sorrow. But while there’s no turning back the clock, you can recapture the ocean air in products infused with sea salt, a traditional cleansing ingredient that’s trendy again. To keep that sexy, unruly hair, spritz liberally with John Masters Organics Sea Mist Salt Spray ($16.50, It’s just water, certified-organic lavender, and sea salt, but the combination turns flat into instantly poufy. To prolong your marine connection, soak in Perfect Organics Bath Therapy ($22.99,, which blends sea salt and organic plant oils. Then exfoliate with a Pacific Salt Scrub from Hawaiian Body Products, with lehua honey, passion fruit, and coconut and kukui nut oils ($22, For that refreshing sea-foam taste, dab some Weleda salt-and-baking-soda toothpaste on your brush ($5,     

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